Class of 2019

Photo of Ellie Peoples

Ellie Peoples

Attending Wake Forest University for graduate school

“My favorite memory was freshman year when Anne Morgan, Karsen Green, and I were all understudies for Hair. On opening night, we decided to make gifts for the entire cast. We got little goody bags and put little hippie stickers on them (and put little gummi worms in them that said, “Pick up your glow worms and glow.”) We personalized all of the gifts and that was our first “love you theatre family” moment.”

Photo of Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan

Attending East 15 Acting School in England, pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts.

“My favorite Furman Theatre memory was from freshman year when Karsen Green, Ellie Peoples, and I were all understudying in Hair. We got all dressed up for opening night because we weren’t performing but when wanted to dress up. The show was sold out so we watched the performance from the booth together. We talked the whole time, watched it together, and were just so proud of everyone.”

Photo of Tess Kamody

Tess Kamody

Pursuing a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee

“My favorite memory in the theatre department is from Arcadia my freshman year. My best friend was working on wardrobe crew and I was an assistant stage manager, and she would come stand by me at my monitor during the last few moments of the show. We would quietly recite the last few lines together and tear up when the actors blew out the candles onstage. It is my favorite scene out of all the shows I have been a part of, and it was even more special that we got to watch it together every night.”

Photo of Patrick Fretwell

Patrick Fretwell

Studyied Bunraku Puppetry Theatre for the summer of 2019 in Nagahama City, Japan and then a theatre marketing apprenticeship with the Cleveland Play House.

“My favorite Furman Theatre memory has to be on scholarship audition day. The week before, I auditioned for a BFA program and really felt as though I was only looking at Furman because of my family connection with the school. After hearing a quick pep talk from Maegan Azar, I was on a campus tour with the rest of the people auditioning and I started talking to Clare Ruble and Kenzie Wynne. It took just 5 minutes for them to start talking to me as if they’d known me for years (it helped that they knew my brother Joe or “Joe-Bear” as they liked to call him). The rest of the day was worry-free. I felt energized and comfortable to be who I am and when the theatre professors asked what my #1 school choice was, Furman was the easy decision. This triggered the start of four years of happiness, drive, and a willingness to be my real self. Thank you Clare, Kenzie, Maegan, and the rest of Furman Theatre for making this experience possible.”

Photo of Karsen Green

Karsen Green

Attending UNCG for an MFA in Drama (Design) with a focus in costumes.

“My favorite memory from the theatre department is when Anne, Ellie, and I did our understudy performance of Hair. We had worked so hard and waited so long for this one big performance and when it finally happened we had the best time, together.”