Class of 2016

Photo of Erin Barnett

Erin Barnett

MFA Costume Design student at Indiana University

“The Furman theatre department shaped me by allowing me to learn about all different aspects of the theatre. I loved having the opportunity to take classes in areas I didn’t know as much about, because it gave me a deeper appreciation for the work that everyone does on a production.”

“I have two favorite memories that come to mind as my time during a theatre major. The first is when Dakota and I stayed during fall break to work on light hang for Hair—even though I knew nothing about lighting—and we figured out how to make all of the glass bottles that we hung from the grid light up. Another of my favorite memories is everyone being in the annex so late after rehearsals working on homework (always complete with a midnight trip to Waffle House or Cookout).”

Photo of Kailie Melchior

Kailie Melchior

Graduated from Penn State Law in May 2019 and recently accepted a one-year judicial clerkship with Judge Ammerman at the Clearfield County Courthouse in Clearfield, PA.

“Furman Theatre Arts department puts a heavy emphasis on storytelling. From the original meeting where the cast, crew and designers all gather to share their ideas and hopes for the production to the final strike that tears the new world back down again, the focus is on the story. During my time in law school, being able to communicate a story has helped me in distinguishing case facts in briefings and arguing a client’s case in front of a judge.”

“I loved playing darts with the professors. I still remember going to theatre darts before a knot-tying test for Stage Craft feeling quite hopeless. In the hour before the test, Gene Funderburk taught me all the knots, and I aced it (one of the only tests I passed in that class #noshame). He wasn’t paid by the school, and he didn’t have to spend his time helping us. But, he did because that’s what it means to be a part of the Furman Theatre Department family. Three years later, I still feel like a part of that family.”

Photo of Robert Fuson

Robert Fuson

Insurance Sales & Freelance Theatre Artist (Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Stage Managing, and Sound Designing) in Atlanta

“Asking us to understand the theatre from a multifaceted approach, knowing at least a little in every field has been instrumental in helping me find success. I was given, if not the tools to do a project, the resources to learn how to do a project. It has helped me to be a better collaborator and someone who is reliable with any assigned project.”

“Being a part of the ensemble of HAIR was the first time I really understood the joys of ensemble building and storytelling in a show. I have gone to see that show every time I have had the opportunity since and have felt a personal connection with it every time.”