Class of 2015

Photo of Caitlin Cain

Caitlin Cain

Currently working for Noble Systems in Atlanta, Georgia and stage managing at theatres including the Alliance Theatre, Aurora Theatre, and Actor’s Express.

“I remember standing on the stage before half hour during THREEPENNY OPERA, my last show at Furman. I felt sense of peace: this was it. I was about to embark on my journey of stage managing professionally in just a few short months. What I didn’t know at the time (but I wish I had known): my generalist theatre degree was the best possible training I could have to become a stage manager. This is basic knowledge, but I hadn’t put two and two together amid the hustle and bustle of my last semester. An SM interacts with EVERY theatre facet. This background helps when communicating with actors, relaying info to designers (even when you almost fail stagecraft) and being a teacher and mentor to ASMs emerging in the field. I could go through every inside joke (Why is it always Jay? “Douchous Baggus is dead, let us rejoice!” MIC DROP in the middle of theatre history and “Note to self, no more muskrat jokes” in the middle of Imaginary Invalid. Just to name a few) and every fond memory BUT…..and here’s your BIG BUTT, RHETT…. the things that are meaningful are the things I keep with me everyday. I wouldn’t be a stage manager if I didn’t go to Furman. It’s a selfless job and it’s a tough job, but it’s rewarding and I will always be thankful for the connections I made during my time in the playhouse.”