Class of 2014

Photo of Grace Bernardo

Grace Bernardo

Graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance major; currently a freelance actor in New York City

“The Theatre Arts Department at Furman gave me not only a chance to perform, but the opportunity to work intimately on the details of acting. The Playhouse is an incredible space for fine-tuning character work and exploring the relationship between story and spectator, actor and audience. I found the nature of play to be valued in both my classes and rehearsals and felt that I was encouraged to explore and closely observe and learn from those around me, finding my classes which included non-theatre majors often the most insightful. I miss that space and the relationships it fostered. While Furman introduced me to some classics, it also fueled my own personal investigation. In New York, I have pursued companies who largely focus on the classics with innovative staging and contemporary stylizing.”

“One of my all-time favorite Playhouse memories (and something I now recommend to companies I work with) is from the production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee directed by Maegan Azar. We had a wonderful cast and a genuinely good time rehearsing together. A few weeks before we were to open, Maegan had us do a run and all switch parts. It was hilarious and gave me such an appreciation for each character and the work my fellow actors had done in bringing them to life. In trying my hand at someone else’s role, I learned much more about my own (and was appropriately humiliated by my own lack of skill!).”