Class of 2013

Photo of Caroline Jane Davis

Caroline Jane Davis

Caroline recently returned to Furman after completing her MFA in Theatrical Performance and Pedagogy at Texas Tech University in 2017. She currently serves as an Lecturer of Theatre Arts & Education, and as testing coordinator for the Student Office of Accessibility Resources. Caroline also works as a freelance actor, director, dramaturg, and teaching artist.

“My work in the Playhouse totally shaped who I am today, which is part of the reason I’m so grateful to be back! The beautiful thing about a theatre education at Furman is that students are expected to learn about every facet of theatremaking, from acting to design to community engagement, and everything in between. My ‘theatre generalist’ background has enabled me to communicate more effectively with my collaborative teams because Jay, Maegan, Rhett, and Margaret made sure I knew how to speak to every production member in their language. I know what it is like to tread the boards and to help fix them, so my perspective is broader than those who might have specialized in one particular area early on.”

“My favorite memory in the Playhouse was during our February 2013 run of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt. In the middle of an early scene, the audience started to whisper and I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out there was a gigantic spider slowly dropping down from the lighting fixture above my head! I couldn’t see it until it was right in front of my face; my habit was blocking the view! I had about three seconds to think, so I incorporated a big old open-handed SLAP onto the desk right as the spider made landfall. I did the rest of that scene with a giant flattened spider on my palm. I barely had enough time to wipe it on the railing outside before my next entrance! Afterward I spoke to a couple of patrons who were friends of Rhett’s, who assumed the spider was one of his famous magic tricks! I assured them that no, in fact, those spider guts were very real. But hey, the show must go on!”

Photo of Stephen Trammell

Stephen Trammell

Technical Director for a private school and a community theatre, and Carpenter for most Atlanta theatres.

“[Furman University Theatre Arts] gave me the skills and confidence to pursue theatre as a career and succeed in that venture.”

Lysistrata is still quite possibly the most fun I have had producing and acting in any play.”

Photo of Jon Pierce

Jon Pierce

Fashion Designer at Jon Pierce Fashions (Owner/Founder)

“[Furman University Theatre] taught me the importance of knowing key parts of a business strategy (box office and sales), teamwork and sewing (costume design/crafts as a student and a worker/T.A.), and finally gave me an appreciation for many types of artistic mediums which still influence me to this day.”

Favorite memories include: “The group bonding that we had during the run of Lysistrata doing P90X, the laughs shared backstage, and the opening night Steak and Shake run.”