Class of 2012

Photo of Cortney McEniry

Cortney McEniry

Artistic Director and Programs Manager of UVA Acts, an applied theatre project at the University of Virginia

“The most valuable things I received from my Furman Theatre education were a multidisciplinary skillset, a sense of myself as an individual artist, and a multitude of well-supported experiences in collaboration. We received consistently encouraging, challenging attention from our incredible faculty, and I was able to explore so many different modes of expression, performance, and leadership. I credit Furman with two of my strongest assets as an artist and practitioner: 1.) a variety of skillsets that have led to consistent and rewarding employment, and 2.) a self-driven work ethic defined by curiosity and collaboration.”

“I remember the first time I walked into The Playhouse. I was planning on transferring after my first semester; I was very unhappy about attending Furman and staying in the Southeast for university. Dr. Oney talked to me about my goals, offered me the opportunity to both house manage and stage manage my first semester, and walked me around the Playhouse introducing me to all of the faculty. I met Margaret, who found out I knew how to use a sewing machine and immediately offered me a Federal Work Study position in the costume shop–which meant a lot, because funds were tight for me. I remember thinking, ‘I guess this place will be okay until I transfer–this will give me plenty to do to keep busy.’ I spent all of orientation week in the Playhouse, and by mid-terms, I decided to stay. I realized there was no way I’d get the kind of individual attention I received there at any of the universities I was looking at. I’m so, so grateful that I made that decision and never looked back.”

Photo of Stephen Howard

Stephen Howard

Graduated with a Communications degree; currently teaching with Special School District in St. Louis and working towards becoming a high school math teacher

“The Theatre Arts Department was where I felt most at home during my time at Furman, and ultimately taught me how to collaborate with others. Working together with like-minded individuals was a huge part of my experience and this is something I have carried into my work now as an educator.”

“One of my favorite personal memories was working with the incredibly talented members of improvable cause. These were some of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life and I feel so fortunate to have been on the team with them. I loved performing shows in the playhouse and will forever have a special attachment to that space.”

Photo of Ardarius "AD" Blakely

Ardarius "AD" Blakely

An actor & director based in Chicago and represented by Actors Talent Group, Inc.

Recently, he directed Top Dog/Under Dog for Beverly Arts Center. Select Past Acting Credits include: Peter and the Starcatcher (Fighting Prawn), Henry V (Bardolph), King Lear (Edmond), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius), The Tempest (Caliban) at Theater at Monmouth; Romeo & Juliet (Paris) at Teatro Vista; Generation Gap (Aaron) The Annoyance.