Class of 2001

Photo of Tiffany Bordelon Walsh

Tiffany Bordelon Walsh

Currently: “I empower women to take control of their healthcare and bodies by assisting them to help their bodies heal, become aware of and claim their emotions, and living their best life all through natural protocols and doTERRA Essential Oils. I also chase around 2 young boys while scooping cat litter, cleaning up a puddle of who knows what, serving lunch and teaching on a conference call - so, I’m basically Superwoman.”

“I use my Theatre degree Every. Single. Day. As an entrepreneur. As a wife. As a mom. As an event designer. As an actress. I was able to hold a conversation about fabric and carpentry with Harrison Ford. I blew my air conditioner maintenance man’s mind by installing the thermostat while he replaced our unit. I demoed my own kitchen for a remodel. I’ve taught my son how to use basic and power tools…I’ve taught my husband how not to kill himself with power tools. I’ve refinished countless pieces of furniture. I’ve installed numerous AC window units. I’ve designed and redesigned houses. I’ve designed/produced/and co-starred a 2 woman show for agents and producers in LA. I’ve worked with some of the top producers in Los Angeles. I’ve worked with the Vice President of Sony.

Yeah, I think my degree has slightly shaped who I am, has shaped my children’s lives, and will continue to do so until I die.”

“Just one?!

The many hours playing Rhett’s slot machine.

Filling professors’ offices with annoying things like balloons, butterflies, and more.

The squirrel shorting out the light circuit box.

Summer Commedia Dell Arte.

The ghost light.

The theatre ghost.

Tiffany light.

Being the first to produce, design and star in a fully student run show. 2 woman show - Collected Stories. We basically started Senior Thesis. You’re welcome.

Being the first class of ‘Theatre Arts’ Majors to graduate (vs ‘Drama’).


The anonymous positive/love notes to one another on the callboard.

Lighting. Lighting. Lighting.”