Class of 2000

Photo of Christine Aeschliman Forrester

Christine Aeschliman Forrester

“I worked in professional theatre as a stage manager from 2000-2002 until family obligations caused me to ‘retire.’ I’m now a Human Resources Manager at a professional services firm in Atlanta. My specialty is Performance Management, in which I spend a lot of time coaching and counseling professionals on how they do their job and mitigating risk for the firm.”

“My profession and degree don’t seem to have much to do with each other, but my Theatre Arts experiences have shaped me in so many different ways:- I am comfortable with working with all levels of professionals, even the high maintenance ones- I work well under pressure and can pivot quickly when things go sideways- I know how to team and project manage- I stretch myself to learn new and challenging things and know that even if I don’t get it right the first time, it’s still worth trying.”

“So many good memories!
- The smell of the Playhouse
- The magic that was in the air when the lights went off backstage and the House opened
- Pinky/Theatre Darts (FIB! Butt kicking!)
- Dr. Hill
- Everything about Waiting for Godot (being SM, the music, all female crew, Jack Tillman…)
- Stagecraft projects
- Nearly flunking Lighting Spring term Senior year and being tutored by Freshman Will Lowry.”

Photo of Brian Ground

Brian Ground

Graduated with a degree in Studio Art; freelance graphic designer and teaches English as a second language in Poland

“I was introduced to the Theatre Arts Department when I took a required Drama 11 course my first semester at Furman. With no previous Theatre experience, I was taken with the professionalism and tireless attention to detail that went into each aspect of a production. Also the sense of history and continuity in the playhouse; all of the previous productions were remembered by photos in the green room behind the stage, and many alumni were still connected to the department. As an artist and technician, I was impressed by how well the scene shop was organized and the precision with which things were designed and built. The sense of fun the faculty brought to their jobs was also instructive. The Theatre Department was a place where many different disciplines came together in support of each production. This interdisciplinary approach, and the idea that skills from myriad fields can (and should) be learned while working on a project has shaped me as an artist.”

“The camaraderie and manic focus of strike after the last show of each production. The unearthly glow produced by a pickle being plugged into the power grid during a musical performance / physics demonstration / in a darkened theatre. And, of course, Theatre Darts.”

Photo of Meredith Benson

Meredith Benson

Working wardrobe on Broadway

“I got to take a stab at acting & directing, thanks to the Theatre Arts exposure to all elements of theatre work - which has helped me relate better to some of my co-workers currently. And Phil Hill’s classes & textbook collection of plays, gave me a great base of theatre knowledge that I continue to draw on today.”

“I have fond memories of a lot of late nights, painting flats at the scene shop with friends from the department. I also loved taking the make-up class & learning about applying facial hair or old age make-up.”