Class of 1995

Photo of Kim (Talbert) Jennings

Kim (Talbert) Jennings

“Professional fundraiser at an independent school in Boston, volunteering in local theatres and with my school’s Robotics team, raising three kids”

“I will never forget the way the professors poured into our work as students - Phil Hill helping us hang lights late at night for the directing projects class, Bryson and the hours and hours spent in the shop, Margaret and the care she took to show us how to do the craft of costuming….all of that has impacted the way that I approach working with students. I learned true teamwork, the value of deeply and fully committing to something, sticking it out even when it’s hard, friendships and camaraderie, the magic of creativity and creation. Bryson believed in me and gave me leeway to stretch and learn in design. I was nurtured as a creative person and have always felt a level of confidence partly because of the independence we were given. We were expected to lead.”

“There is maybe no way to answer this. They are innumerable. I loved Phil Hill’s classes where we read dozens and dozens of plays. I loved the rain on the roof. Being a drama major and being with that specific cohort, was very special. I loved those people. Being a scene shop assistant gave me some of the very best hours of that time of my life. Is my name still on the walls in the scene shop tool room?

If I was forced to say just ONE thing it would be this: sitting in the dark for dress rehearsal, and the low hum and specific, happy smell of the hot dust on the fresnels when the stage lights first come up.”