Class of 1992

Photo of E. Bert Wallace

E. Bert Wallace

University Theatre Professor

“My time at FU, and more specifically in the Playhouse, was the most formative of my life. The camaraderie of the Drama Department was very special to me. The ‘soft skills’ of teamwork, creative problem solving, public presentation, confidence, etc. were really drilled into me at Furman. Everything I now do hearkens back in some way to my training there.”

“I really just loved every minute of it and could tell many stories. Once I was working the booth in the old Studio Theatre in the back of the building. A practical telephone sound effect had been rigged, but the wire was badly placed and I tripped on it, causing a blinding flash from the booth during a performance. The cue was coming up, so I ran back into the props storage area, found an old desk bell and rang it as quickly as I could when the time came. The actors had seen the flash and didn’t know if we were all dead, but soldiered on until they heard the strange non-telephone cue.”

Photo of Tim Brown

Tim Brown

High School Theatre Teacher

“I began teaching theatre immediately after graduating. This is my 28th year in SC public schools. I plan to retire in 2020 and hope to teach overseas for a few years.”

The Diviners stands out as an important production in my FU life. I have directed it several times since and always find it to be a rewarding production for my cast and myself.”