These tin walls make memories

A metal exterior wall with a sign that reads, "The Playhouse", in a playful typeface Select an Image

Here at Furman Theatre, we find that what makes a home unique is the people in it. The members of a family take what they are given and make the most of it...together.

And that is what makes the grey, 50-year-old Playhouse shine.

The Theatre Arts Department has been a staple of the liberal arts curriculum at Furman University for nearly a century. Part of that curriculum is the Furman University Theatre main stage season that entertains, educates, and engages thousands of students and patrons each year. This year, we celebrate 50 years of top-quality pedagogy, programming, and performances in our “temporary” home, The Playhouse. Through this site, alumni of the Furman University Theatre Arts Department share memories about what made Furman and The Playhouse memorable and familial. Furman Theatre majors have made great progress as artists and people after college. Lawyers, costume designers, police officers, actors, entrepreneurs, professors, and more have emerged from these tin walls, and this building has been the launching pad for those careers.

Are you a Furman Theatre alumni? Want to contribute a memory? Find the form here.

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