The Memories

Here are some of the best memories Furman Theatre arts majors have experienced since The Playhouse started in 1969.

Class of 2019

Ellie Peoples
Anne Morgan
Tess Kamody
Patrick Fretwell
Karsen Green

Class of 2018

Connor Courtney
Elizabeth Budinoff
Courtney Dorn
Drake W. Shadwell
Clark Spillane
Elli Caterisano

Class of 2017

Clare Ruble
Kenzie Wynne
Haley Brown
Salvatore Donzella
Sam Nelson
Sarah Cushman
Lauren Girouard

Class of 2016

Erin Barnett
Kailie Melchior
Robert Fuson

Class of 2015

Caitlin Cain

Class of 2014

Grace Bernardo

Class of 2013

Caroline Jane Davis
Stephen Trammell
Jon Pierce

Class of 2012

Cortney McEniry
Stephen Howard
Ardarius "AD" Blakely

Class of 2010

Aly Howard
April Andrew
Ruxandra Cantir
Mary Beth Smith

Class of 2009

Jacob Parker

Class of 2008

Laura Winkler

Class of 2007

Charles Murdock Lucas

Class of 2006

Chess Schmidt
Jeb Casey

Class of 2003

Bob Beshere
Will Lowry

Class of 2001

Tiffany Bordelon Walsh

Class of 2000

Christine Aeschliman Forrester
Brian Ground
Meredith Benson

Class of 1998

Kate (Chambless) McMullan

Class of 1996

Simon Crowe

Class of 1995

Kim (Talbert) Jennings

Class of 1994

Doug Berky

Class of 1992

E. Bert Wallace
Tim Brown

Class of 1991

Randall David Cook

Class of 1990

Lauren Linn Tucker

Class of 1989

Mary Hayes (Shiver) Ernst

Class of 1981

Kris McDermott

Class of 1980

Pam Creasman Wheeler

Class of 1978

Jay Oney
Katharine "Kat" Slonaker

Class of 1974

John Rose